A renewable industry with an even bigger future

Few industries in Australia and around the world can rival Australia’s forest industries for their sustainability or depth and breadth of contribution to Australia and its regional communities.

Forest industries in this country contribute about $24 billion to the economy each year. Forest industries underpin many regional jobs and communities.

About 80,000 people work directly in our industries, while another 40,000 work in diverse jobs which use the timber from our plantation forests and sustainably managed native forests. A further 180,000 people rely on Australia’s forest industries for their indirect employment.

Forest industries jobs are diverse and cover a huge range of professions including the planting and regeneration of forests, the caring of forests, the sustainable harvest of forests, the haulage of timber and wood chips, processing into a myriad of sawn, laminated and engineered timber products, the creation of paper, cardboard, tissue, paper towels, sanitary products and renewable biopellets for energy through to innovative biomaterials and biochemicals.

New Regional Jobs

It is estimated that, if the Government delivers on key policies related to establishing new plantations alone, this will create new jobs detailed below, with many more jobs flowing from the other initiatives.

  • 18,000 new jobs
  • 6,000 more direct jobs*
  • 12,000 more indirect jobs#


* Direct employment estimates are based on AFPA’s publication ‘’Plantations-the missing piece of the puzzle’ (page 10 and 11) and an employment multiplier of 1.5 new jobs per 100ha.

# Indirect employment multiplier of 2.0 used.